First Session Free

Obligation free session for us to meet and for you to make an informed choice regarding the various services offered. The therapeutic process of each domain is explained to you during this session.

My Sessions

To allow for flexibility and accessibility, affordable and convenient online sessions are available on Email, Skype or Whatsapp.

Trauma Debriefing and Counselling

In trauma debriefing, you will be guided and supported through the immediate physical and psychological impact of the trauma to minimize future negative emotional consequences.

In Trauma counselling, symptoms of trauma and coping mechanisms are explored to help you work through past negative experiences. Judgments, beliefs and emotions are evaluated and processed to help you make sense of these. As a client centered approach is adopted, the number of sessions will be determined by you.

Life Coaching

During the coaching journey, you will be guided in determining your value system and innate potential and supported in determining and achieving your personal or professional goals. Core Psychological principles are used to empower you to overcome the obstacles that hampers your personal and professional growth. Coaching is aimed at increasing your self-esteem, psychological flexibility and self-efficacy while you navigate new spheres in your life. This coaching journey is structured over an 8-week period, with a one-hour session per week.

Emotional Resilience Training

Resilience training, once again, follows a more structured program. This training program will run over a 5- week period with weekly, one-hour sessions. During the sessions you will be coached on how to manage stressful situations and face adversity while maintaining emotional strength. This will be achieved by cultivating healthy balances in your life through activating relaxation techniques, assertiveness, empathy, physical wellbeing and support networks.

Psychology Student Mentorship

During this program, I will guide you through your studies in advising on assignments/dissertations, time management and exam preparation. Furthermore, I will guide you through the various options in the discipline of psychology after you have graduated. Sessions are conducted on an ad hoc basis.